6 February 2021

Dog treadmill Dogmills

The Best Selection of Dogmills

Dogmills has produced and sold many different models of dog treadmills worldwide in recent years. Because the demand for dog treadmills is increasing, we have decided to make a selection of our 4 best models. Dogmills Standard Dogmills Treadmill Economy Dogmills Slatmill Pro Dogmills Slatmill Curve The selection varies from a basic dog treadmill (Dogmills […]

6 February 2021

De Beste Selectie van Dogmills

Dogmills heeft in de afgelopen jaren wereldwijd veel verschillende modellen hondenloopbanden geproduceerd en verkocht. Omdat de vraag naar hondenloopbanden aantrekt hebben we besloten om een selectie te maken van onze 4 beste modellen. Dogmills Standaard Dogmills Treadmill Economy Dogmills Slatmill Pro Dogmills Slatmill Curve De selectie varieert van een basic hondenloopband (Dogmills Treadmill Economy) die […]

10 May 2020

A technical development on our Dogmills Treadmill Economy

A technical development on our Dogmills Treadmill Economy! Due to this development, our Dogmills Treamill Economy becomes a freespin slatmill that easily achieves 11 spins. This option cannot be ordered in our webshop. Do you want a dog treadmill with a free spin of 11 spins? Please contact us here

27 April 2020


The Dogmills Trackmill Economy is a cheaper version of the Dogmills trackmill. It delivers the same quality but this Trackmill Economy for dogs is more basic. The difference: Instead of the solid case, a protective bag containing the battery, chargers and manual switch. In addition, the Trackmill Economy has smaller pulleys compared to the Dogmills […]

19 February 2020

Hydrotherapie voor hond

Dog treadmill best alternative to hydrotherapy

Best alternative to hydrotherapy Many satisfied Dogmills customers have used our Dog Treadmill as an alternative to hydotherapy to remedy and treat injuries, disorders or other problems. We often hear from these customers that they are looking for an alternative to hydrotherapy. They have often spent hundreds of euros and spent a lot of time […]

24 January 2020


The cheapest dog treadmill in the world!

✅ Size suitable for every dog! ✅ High quality for the best price worldwide! ✅ Loads up to 120 kg ✅ Maintenance free Dogmills has developed a new Economy Treadmill for dogs. It is a dog treadmill with a tread of no less than 160x370cm where large dogs and small dogs can walk. The aluminum […]

4 January 2020

Slatmill Pro

Train your dog like a Pro!

The Dogmills Slatmill Pro is the flagship of Dogmills. It is a slatmill with the best materials and parts that Dogmills has to offer. With this slatmill from Dogmills you can train or rehabilitate your dog in the best way. Thanks to the tilt angle that can be adjusted remotely by means of the remote […]

24 November 2019

Curve - dogmills.nl

A brand new development within dog treadmills !!

DOGMILLS CURVE: Dogmills has developed a whole new development and technology in the field of slatmills for dogs. The purpose of this design was to allow the dog to run completely free and naturally.Without the dog attached to the frame with for example a collar or harness. Because the dog is not stuck and can […]

1 November 2019


From now on you can choose the High-speed option in our webshop. If you choose the Dogmills High-speed option you will get High-speed bearings instead of the standard bearings These bearings are high quality high speed bearings that have less frictional resistance. The Dogmills High-speed option ensures that high speeds can be achieved and can […]

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