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Why choose Dogmills

why choose Dogmills

Dogmills was founded out of our love of dogs. We would like to tell you more about the core values of our dog treadmills and our customer promises.

the quality of Dogmills

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Our Dogmills are designed so that your dog can use the dog treadmill in a safe, controlled way. We assure you of the best quality.

  • Robust construction
  • Safe materials
  • Fine finishing

the core values of Dogmills

Why choose a Dogmills dog treadmill? Our treadmills are...

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  • Solid
  • Non-electric
  • Quiet
  • Sustainable
  • Maintenance-free

Explanation of the core values

Solid. The size and weight of different dog breeds have been taken into account in the design of our dog treadmills. The dog treadmills are available in various designs and suitable for any dog weighing 5 kg or more. Your dog's safety is guaranteed by the stability of the treadmills and the fine finish of the running surfaces. This means that your dog cannot hurt himself. The attachment frame of Dogmills Economy, Dogmills Carpet, Dogmills Standard and Dogmills Pro is adjustable, so your dog can be safely secured between the aluminium frame and the dog treadmill.

Non-electric. Our dog treadmills must be driven entirely by your own muscle power. This means that the pace can be set and controlled by your dog himself. The Dogmills are designed to move with your dog so that no unwanted pressure is exerted on the joints. Your dog can therefore not overstrain himself due to the natural movement.

Quiet. When your dog is training on one of our Dogmills, you will experience less or none inconvenience. The dog treadmills are designed to be used almost silently.

Sustainable. The Dogmills are produced in a way that minimises the impact on the environment. Our partner in the production process undertakes sustainability by reducing waste and optimising production methods on the production floor. At the same time, a Dogmill is a sustainable choice because the product has a long life. The lifespan is particularly dependent on use. If your dog trains intensively on the Dogmill, the dog treadmill will probably show signs of use more quickly.

Maintenance-free. No maintenance is required for our dog treadmills. You do not have to worry about it after purchase.

The operation of a Dogmill

A 10-minute training session on a Dogmill is roughly equivalent to a brisk walk of 60 minutes. So get your Dogmill now!

Normally a dog walks or runs with an asymmetrical movement. When your dog walks on one of our Dogmills, it does so in a straight line. This causes less strain on the joints and/or muscles.

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the customer promises of Dogmills

What do we offer you as a customer?

More about shipping and delivery?

  • Maximum price-quality ratio. The treadmills are of high quality at a relatively low price.
  • An optimal service (guarantee). You can always rely on Dogmills if you have questions or if there is something wrong with your product.
  • A fast delivery time. Our dog treadmills are directly available. So after your purchase you can benefit from the product as soon as possible.
  • A worldwide delivery service. We would like to make everyone aware of the positive effect of a dog treadmill as an aid. That is why we ship our Dogmills all over the world.

Our story

We have two Staffordshire Bull Terriers with lots of energy. Although we did a lot with the older one, we noticed that we could not always satisfy her high energy needs. We did not have the time every day to go for hours of walking, running or swimming with her. For Luna's sake, we started looking into a possible addition to her energetic life. A dog treadmill soon seemed to be the ultimate solution. However, we soon stumbled across high costs, questionable quality and long delivery times.

Out of love for Luna and the ambition to assist other dog (owners) we wanted to do things differently. After a long process we launched Dogmills on the market. In the meantime, approximately 4000 Dogmills have been sold worldwide and we can proudly say that we have helped many dogs with injuries, rehabilitation, overweight or high energy needs. Luna and Tank enjoy it several times a week. Fantastic to see.

what customers say about Dogmills

Our average rating is 8.2

Jos van den Bulcke

Bart Mattijsen
The Netherlands

Wojciech K (donkurakos)

Dallas Dodman

Romeu Staffbull

Custom-made Dogmill

We produce the dog treadmills completely by ourselves. For this reason it is also possible to make a Dogmill to your personal wishes and dimensions. We are happy to talk to you to discuss your needs and the possibilities.

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