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Our Products 

The Dogmills range consists of five different models, each with its own product specifications. Each one has a maximum price-quality ratio and can be shipped worldwide. In addition, you will benefit from a 10-year warranty. Would you like advice on one of our dog treadmills? We will be happy to help.

Curve (Slatmill)
€ 1.321,49

Specially designed to walk on freely. Made of plastic with an aluminium frame.

  • Dogs between 5 - 70kg
  • 75 decibels
  • Running surface 1500x360mm
  • Free running surface
€ 1.486,78

Solid basic mill made of plastic and an aluminium frame with wooden slats. Best price/quality.

  • Dogs between 5 - 70kg
  • 75 decibels
  • Running surface 1600x360mm
  • Wooden slats
€ 1.652,07

Silent treadmill with carpeted running surface and resistance-adjustable, aluminium frame.

  • Dogs between 5 - 70kg
  • 55 decibels
  • Running surface 1600x400mm
  • Resistance adjustable
€ 1.900

Nicely finished basic mill with adjustable and solid aluminium frame.

  • Dogs between 5 - 70 kg
  • 75 decibels
  • Running surface 1600x300mm
  • Wooden slats
Slatmill Pro
€ 2.313,22

Nicely finished professional mill with a height-adjustable running surface and remote control.

  • Dogs between 5 - 70kg
  • 75 decibels
  • Running surface 1800x300mm
  • Adjustable height

Why a dog treadmill 

A dog treadmill can offer many advantages for both dogs and dog owners. What exactly is a dog treadmill? And what is the added value of a dog treadmill? We from Dogmills would like to tell you more about that.

You can compare a dog treadmill with a human treadmill. It is a device on which your dog can walk or run at different speeds. But for what reason could or should you buy such a treadmill for your dog?

First of all, a dog treadmill can provide added value in alleviating, remedying or preventing orthopaedic complaints, neurological problems or other injuries. Orthopaedic complaints include complaints related to the joints, such as pain, stiffness or instability. Such complaints often make it difficult to move. A dog treadmill helps to strengthen these weaker joints, relieving pain and increasing mobility.

A dog treadmill is also often used to improve problems in a dog's nervous system and motor system. Training a dog on a treadmill stimulates nerves and encourages movement. A dog treadmill can be an effective way of treating and preventing injuries. On a treadmill, a dog can effectively strengthen its muscles and joints.

A dog treadmill is also ideal for combating old age. Dogs that are or become older usually have more difficulty moving due to stiffness or wear and tear of the muscles and joints. By training on a dog treadmill, older dogs can maintain their condition and strengthen their bodies safely and at an early stage. 

Overweight dogs, compared to dogs of a healthy weight, have a much greater chance of injury. Being overweight makes exercise more difficult and, at the same time, places a greater strain on the joints. This can lead to your dog suffering from other injuries or other problems. By purchasing a treadmill for your dog, your dog can build up condition and lose weight at the same time without overloading his muscles.

Exercise makes a dog feel good. As the owner, it is therefore important to make enough time available to provide your dog with the energy he needs. By behaving in a restless manner, such as jumping up, squeaking or barking, dogs can try to get attention. Many dog owners will recognise this. But why does a dog sometimes demand attention? One of the common reasons for restless behaviour is insufficient exercise. This can be linked to a high energy level.

Young dogs in particular have a high energy level. As the owner, this requires a lot of time and attention. Therefore, it is not always easy to find the time every day to take your dog for a long walk and let him run wild. A treadmill for your dog offers the perfect solution. A treadmill allows your dog to provide himself with the energy he requires.

Finally, a dog treadmill is ideally suited for dogs with an affinity for sport. Thus, a dog treadmill is not only meant for dogs with injuries or illnesses, but it is also adequate for sporting or tracking dogs. Dogs with a top condition can improve their condition, suppleness and muscle strength at a high pace on a treadmill.

A dog treadmill can therefore be an effective aid in several areas. A dog treadmill offers your dog a safe and responsible work-out. A treadmill allows you to train your dog in an unlimited and structural manner. A treadmill allows your dog to rehabilitate at his own pace or to get and stay in top condition.

So, are you a dog owner, dog trainer, animal physiotherapist, veterinarian or the owner of a working dog, sports dog, dog school or dog sports club? Then a dog treadmill at home is definitely worth it. Despite the investment, you will end up saving a lot of time and money by buying a treadmill for your dog. Choosing the perfect treadmill can be difficult. Do you have specific questions or need more information? We at Dogmills will be happy to help and think things through with you.

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