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Reliable Dog treadmill by dogmills

Keep your dog fit, healthy and in shape.
Only the best with Dogmills!

Curve (Slatmill)
€ 1.279,20

Specially designed to walk on freely. Made of plastic with an aluminium frame.

  • Dogs between 5 - 70kg
  • 75 decibels
  • Running surface 1500x360mm
  • Free running surface
€ 1.486,78

Solid basic mill made of plastic and an aluminium frame with wooden slats. Best price/quality.

  • Dogs between 5 - 70kg
  • 75 decibels
  • Running surface 1600x360mm
  • Wooden slats
€ 1.900

Nicely finished basic mill with adjustable and solid aluminium frame.

  • Dogs between 5 - 70 kg
  • 75 decibels
  • Running surface 1600x300mm
  • Wooden slats
Slatmill Pro
€ 2.313,22

Nicely finished professional mill with a height-adjustable running surface and remote control.

  • Dogs between 5 - 70kg
  • 75 decibels
  • Running surface 1800x300mm
  • Adjustable height

Why choose Dogmills

Curious about more? 

Dogmills has been producing high quality treadmills for dogs for years. As our customer we assure you a maximum price-quality ratio, optimal service, fast delivery time and worldwide delivery. The core values of our Dogmills are:

  • Solid construction
  • Non-electric drive (self propelled)
  • Low to zero noise
  • Long service life
  • Maintenance-free

frequently asked questions About Dogmills

Do you have a question about one of our dog treadmills or about Dogmills? Hopefully your question is among these. Not there? Send an email to 

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We ship our Dogmills all over the world. In cooperation with FedEx we deliver your Dogmill to your home. On the product pages you can calculate the shipping costs for your desired destination. If you can pick up your Dogmill in the Netherlands, this is free of charge.