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Inspiration about Dogmills

Dog on treadmill

Learning dogs to use treadmill

Teaching your dog to run on a dog treadmill should always be a fun and playful activity. ...

Dog treadmills as rehabilitation equipment

treadmills for rehabilitation

A dog treadmill can be used for various training purposes. One of the reasons why dog treadmills are used as...

Safety of dog treadmills

safety of treadmills for dogs

Part of the safety of Dogmills dog walking belts is that you can position the dog properly between the side...

Dogs on treadmills

Training muscle strength

Muscle strength is very important for any dog. The best way to build or grow muscle is exercise. Sufficient...

Dog treadmill with small dog

a suitable treadmill for small dogs

The Dogmills Standard is the most suitable dog walker for small dogs. The running surface is 1600 x 300 mm...

Big dog on treadmill

a suitable treadmill for large dogs

Every dog deserves to expend its energy, including large dogs. For these four-legged friends, we...

Treadmill outside

Advantages non electric treadmills

A manually powered dog treadmill has great added value compared to electric treadmills. The overarching...

Blog 8

Treadmills suitable for puppies?

When is it sensible to train a puppy on a dog treadmill? We explain it to you in this article.

Blog 7

Treadmill for dogs second hand

Do you have a limited budget but are you interested in buying a treadmill for your dog? ...