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Inspiration about Dogmills

Fireworks anxiety

Fireworks anxiety
among DOGS

It is almost that time again. Almost 2024 will kick off. For many, fireworks are unmissable during New Year's Eve...



Osteoarthritis is a form of rheumatism in which the cartilage in the joints deteriorates in quality and becomes...

Old age

old age in dogs, how do you notice it?

As soon as dogs get older, it is crucial to keep a close eye on their health. In fact, when dogs become senior this...

Growing pains

help my dog has growing pains!

Growing pains in dogs mainly occur in medium and large dog breeds. In addition, puppies and young dogs...


in dogs, what to do?

Many people know a feeling of restlessness. You have trouble in relaxing. For example, you may...

Depression in dogs, is that a thing?

depression in dogs, IS that a thing?

I understand that you might be wondering now whether this is a fact or a fable. But with this one, we...

Dog on treadmill

Learning dogs to use treadmill

Teaching your dog to run on a dog treadmill should always be a fun and playful activity. ...

Dog treadmills as rehabilitation equipment

treadmills for rehabilitation

A dog treadmill can be used for various training purposes. One of the reasons why dog treadmills are used as...

Safety of dog treadmills

safety of treadmills for dogs

Part of the safety of Dogmills dog walking belts is that you can position the dog properly between the side...