What is the difference between a

Treadmill, Slatmill or a Carpetmill?



Light resistance

Hardwood / plastic slats

Suitable for every dog

Our Dogmills Treadmills are non-powered, the dog drives the tire that is made of plastic or hardwood itself. This belt runs on the sides on bearings. The band has a slight resistance. It is like a fitness device for dogs. Perfect for muscle building and / or rehabilitation. We have different models and sizes of treadmills for every dog.

Dogmills Treadmills:

Treadmill/Treadmill Economy

Slatmill Standard - dogmills.nl


Red Bones bearings

Hard composite slats / wood slats

Runs smoothly

Our Dogmills Slatmill is unpowered, the dog drives the plastic strap itself. This tire runs on special high speed bearings on the sides. The tire therefore has minimal resistance and runs very smoothly. This allows the dog to achieve high speeds. The Dogmills Slatmill is ideal for giving your dog a good workout. As a result, with the Dogmills Slatmill you can get your dog in shape in condition and muscle strength.

Carpetmill - dogmills.eu



Light weight

Carpet or PVC

Our Dogmills Carpetmill is not powered, the dog drives the carpet or PVC band itself. The wide walking falcon of 150 x 41 cm is ideal for large to small dogs. The carpet or PVC tire floats above the Trespa tread and only makes contact if the dog runs due to pressure from the paws. This makes the Dogmills Carpetmill virtually silent.The Carpetmill from Dogmills can be used for rehabilitation and / or injuries, but it is also possible to train perfectly in condition and / or muscle strength.

Dogmills Carpetmill:


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