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how to train your dog?

This blog will focus on how to train a dog. Training makes or keeps your dog vital and at the same time contributes to better performance. Having your dog trained by experts can be the solution if, as the owner, you want to leave the training to someone else. Training your dog yourself, on the other hand, is also possible. But: how do you train a dog? We will elaborate on this question. Thus, a Dogmill can be the perfect tool for you to train your dog easily at home.


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Core values training dog

To achieve good results with your dog repetition is very important. This is how a dog learns things most quickly. In addition, dog training should be as short and pleasant as possible. After all, it requires a great deal of effort. For this reason, rewards are of great value during training, because a dog is more likely to do something as soon as it is rewarded.

When it comes to rewarding a dog, most people initially think of something sweet. However, you can also reward your dog in the form of pleasure. You can do this by giving your dog a big hug after a walk or another activity or by playing a game with him.

Dogmill as a training aid for your dog

A Dogmill offers the ideal combination. The treadmill makes dog training possible in an unlimited and structural way. Your dog can train independently at his own pace, because the treadmills are powered by his own muscles. A 10-minute training session on the treadmill is roughly equivalent to a brisk walk of 60 minutes. This can make training your dog very accessible. If you have less time to go out with your dog, this does not have to be at the expense of your dog's exercise.

As your dog feels the need for longer or more intensive training, he can easily indicate this by simply stopping or walking harder. A dog generally exhibits prolonged hyperactivity when he is happy. Besides the fact that a Dogmill is extremely suitable for training your dog effectively, it also offers dogs a high dose of fun. All in all, a very suitable device for training your dog in an approachable way.

How do I train my dog with a Dogmill?

How often and for how long it is best to train your dog depends on the breed of dog. In addition, the ambient temperature should also be considered. Training a dog should above all be an enjoyable experience. Therefore, try to introduce the use of a treadmill to your dog in a playful manner. To get your dog used to a Dogmill, it is advisable to exercise your dog for a short time several times rather than once for a long time. In this way, your dog can feel at ease how the operation of the Dogmill works.


Training your dog on your own is easier than most people think. It mainly requires routine and attention. To save time as an owner the purchase of a Dogmill can be a wise choice. Walking on a treadmill allows for safe and natural movement. And training a dog has never been easier...

Why a dog treadmill?