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exercising with your dog? It is possible!

Exercising with your dog is very important. Especially if you have a hunting dog, a sporting dog or a working dog, because then you need to walk or exercise with your dog for a relatively long time every day to meet his energy requirements. Sporting dogs are dogs that are very active and receive a lot of training. Achieving and maintaining an optimal condition requires a great deal of effort. Dog sport is the general term for sporting activities that are performed by or with your dog, often in competition. Sports with dogs and getting and / or keeping a sports dog in shape are the topics that are central to this blog.


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Dog sports

If you want to start exercising with your dog, it is worthwhile to immerse yourself in dog sports. Dog sports include not only sports such as agility and dog Frisbee, but also working with your dog such as catching, rescue and tracking. Agility is all about completing obstacle courses as quickly as possible. The sport can be practiced both recreationally and professionally. Just like agility, dog frisbee is a fun, enjoyable and active dog sport that tests the dogs' endurance. Other popular dog sports are canicross, dog dance, flyball and treibball.

Besides being fun, some dog sports are also very useful in practice. The exceptional sense of smell, tracking instinct and hunting instinct of some dogs is admirable. A rescue dog must be able to move easily and quickly and withstand extreme weather conditions. Rescue work can be done as a sport, but also as real work. This requires a great deal of stamina and obedience. In principle, any dog can also do tracking, although a dog must have sufficient motivation to work out a track according to an assignment.

Sporting dog in good condition

To get your dog physically and mentally in shape, there is fitness training for dogs. Exercising with your dog further enhances the condition of your dog. You will get a dog in good shape through a continuum of energetic exercise and good nutrition. For a sporting dog, it is also important to let him perform. To keep your sports dog in optimal condition, to prepare him for a competition or to let him recover, a sports massage is recommended.

A Dogmill can be the ultimate way for sporting dogs to get a good workout as often as necessary or desirable, with both strength and conditioning training. Your dog can get the most out of training on a treadmill because he can control the duration and speed. At the same time, a Dogmill offers sufficient safety and stability.


Active training of your dog is unavoidable if you want to play sport with your dog at recreational or competitive level. Special diet is essential for the physical recovery of a sporting dog. If you are interested in sports with your dog, it is recommended that you look for a shared drive. Keeping your fitness dog in shape requires a lot of exercise. A dog treadmill may be the perfect opportunity for you to simplify the exercise process. Do you have any questions or are you looking for more information? We are happy to help! 

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