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Inspiration about Dogmills

Blog 7

blog 7: Treadmill for dogs second hand

Welcome to blog 7! Do you have a limited budget but are you interested in buying a treadmill for your dog? Then a second hand model might be a good...

Blog 6

blog 6: Treadmill dog make yourself

Welcome to blog 6! As was already made clear in the previous blogs, a dog treadmill can offer several advantages. With a Dogmill you can get the...

Blog 5

blog 5: sports with dog? it can!

Welcome to blog 5! If you have a hunting dog, a sporting dog or a working dog you need to walk or exercise with your dog for a relatively long time every...

Blog 4

blog 4: how many km can a dog walk?

Welcome to blog 4! Every dog needs sufficient exercise to stay fit and healthy. By walking your dog, you will train his physical endurance...

Blog 3

blog 3: tips lose weight dog

Welcome to blog 3! The previous blog focused on obesity in dogs. Now that it is clear what causes and consequences overweight can have...

Blog 2

Blog 2: is my dog too fat? what does it mean?

Welcome to blog 2! Overweight in dogs is often caused by too much food in combination with a lack of exercise. As soon as body fat accumulates...

Blog 1

Blog 1: how to train a dog?

Welcome to blog 1! This blog will focus on how to train a dog. Training makes or keeps your dog vital and at the same time contributes...