The Dogmills Trackmill consists of:

Two solid tripods

Two Dogmills pulleys, one of the pulleys is powered by an electric motor

Case with integrated rechargeable battery, switch and connections


Connection cable

Hand switch

80m Dogmills braided line

Storage bag for tripods

Ground pegs

What is a Trackmill?

The Dogmills Trackmill is the ideal tool to give your dog a complete workout.The 2 tripods are 40 meters apart. The red 80m line is connected to each other as a large 40m long loop. This loop is clamped around the 2 pullys.You can stretch the line to the maximum by fixing the stands with the 4 ground pins.Thanks to the solid connections, the pulley with the electric motor and the pressure switch can be connected to the case with integrated battery.By pressing the pressure switch, the pulley starts rotating and the red line starts to move. The speed can be determined by yourself, depending on how often you press.On the red line there is a piece of material that moves due to the movement of the red line. The dog will go after this. As a result, the dog runs back and forth over a distance of 40 meters.

Let your dog move effectively:

The great power of the Dogmills Trackmill is the optimal combination of movements that the dog makes.The 3 optimal forms of movement that the dog makes are:(1) Switching on the sprint where the dog makes a strong movement and maximally trains his front and rear legs(2) At full speed the entire body of the dog is used optimally, his muscles and tendons are trained in flexion and extension(3) When decelerating, the front and rear legs are trained again but then in the reverse movement (eccentric) Because of these combinations of movement, our Dogmills Trackmill is used in training dogs for sports, rehabilitation and / or working dogs.

How to use:

Many of our customers are very enthusiastic about the ease with which you can set up or store the Dogmills Trackmill.The solid case in which the battery is located is also the storage compartment for the engine, charger, cables, line, ground pins and pressure switch.The compact supplied Dogmills bag is perfect for taking and / or storing your Trackmill quickly and easily.

Order the Dogmills Trackmill here and make sure your dog stays fit and fit in a fun way!

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