Looking for a dog treadmill to keep your dog fit and vital? Get the best out of your dog with our treadmill. Our dog treadmills enable an accurate and controlled type of bodily movement. The Dogmill can be used after countless of orthopaedic surgeries, bone fractures, spine impairments, arthrosis/arthritis, joint problems, with obesity and in preparation of a show or competition! Check out our information on how to make the best use of the dog treadmill. Not sure which treadmill to choose for your dog?

Why a Dogmills dog treadmill?

The dog treadmills of Dogmills is designed specifically for dogs, is completely run on own muscle strength and therefore not driven by electricity. This allows the dog to decide when and how fast he or she wants to walk.Moreover, the treadmill was designed to prevent undesired pressure on the joints and to prevent the dog from falling off. The dog treadmill of Dogmills is used amongst others by kennel holders, rehabilitation centres, veterinarians, dog breeders, trainers of the police and army and of course by private dog owners. The treadmill of Dogmills is also used for behavioural therapy.With a dog treadmill your dog can enjoy a dose of pleasant, responsible, challenging activity, while saving a lot of time for you as the owner!

Muscle building and stamina

The treadmill is designed as a proper home trainer for dogs. The Dogmills treadmill has a resistance which ensures that the dog stimulates his muscles in an even better way. This allows a responsible and safe way of training in order to considerably grow his muscles. This resistance also creates an extra challenge for the stamina. The physical fitness is duly tested and will improve at a racing pace.

Rehabiliatation or training

Our dog treadmills are used for several different training purposes. Our Dogmill is a fantastic aid alongside the purposeful training of tracker dogs, rescue dogs, service dogs and sporting dogs. The dog treadmill of Dogmills is used by these target audiences to increase the “work zest” of the dogs. The dog also trains his condensation ability and physical fitness while it increases the muscle mass of the dog.After a surgery or injury the treadmill is also used as a rehabilitation aid. The treadmill of Dogmills is the answer to joint problems (e.g. arthritis) or obesity. As the dog is able to walk in a controlled manner and decide his own speed on the treadmill, he won’t be able to strain himself.Research has shown that controlled movement is better than rest to benefit recovery.

Safe and suitable for any dog

We took into account the dimensions and weight of all dog breeds while designing our treadmill. The dog tread measures 1600×370 mm. The attachment frame is adjustable and can be moved forwards or backwards. For smaller dogs we also provide a Dogmills mini in our stock.If you still want a somewhat larger/smaller production of the treadmill for your dog then we naturally offer this as well. We like to inform you about the possibilities. When your dog stands on our treadmill he/she is positioned safely and securely between the robust aluminium frame surrounding well finished acrylate panels.The dog treadmill has a fine finish so your dog won’t be able to hurt himself. When using the treadmill of Dogmills you can safely fasten your dog on several adjustable attachment points so that your dog is secure at high/low speed.

Time saving

Reality is that people work, have a family and don’t have 24/7 to give their dog the attention and activity that they deserve. Some dogs have so much energy that even 2 hours a day is not enough. A few minutes on a treadmill is comparable to an active walk of nearly an hour.Because the dog is able to lose a lot of energy in a small amount of time while focussing his attention on the moving tread, the dog builds on his concentration ability while providing an intensive training. Which can be carried out without you leaving the house when it just started to rain. We ourselves have used our own Dogmills for years in combination with the daily activities of our dogs.