Dogmills Standard

The Dogmills Standard comes with wooden slats

For large dogs there is the option to widen the treadmill (370mm)

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The main goal in the development of the Dogmill: the lowest possible production costs, but with the most durable quality materials in order to benefit both the customer and the dog. Another goal was to develop a treadmill that has a long lifespan despite active and long-term use by all dog breeds. The Dogmill is built in this way to guarantee the best quality in his class. This is immediately recognizable at first glance from his robust design. The strong aluminium lightweight frame (stainless) needs no maintenance. It is finely finished with safe materials so your dog is unable to hurt himself.

The tread and all other panel parts are made of plastic or acrylate.
The plastic treadmill parts are secured to the longwearing canvas tread. This tread is supported by no less than 100 moisture proof ABEC 9 bearings (the higher the ABEC value the finer the bearing is finished and sealed). This is a large and important difference compared to other mills.

Conclusion: mission accomplished! Value for money which isn’t comparable in the details, not in quality but especially not in price!
Dogmills has several models (view the specifications here).

Dog and owner can profit from this, naturally with a 12 month guarantee! Shipping is possible worldwide!

Specifications of the Dogmill Treadmill

Suitable for every dog breed, big to small

Aluminium frame

Adjustable bracket (front/back)

Dogmills rims

Plastic or hardwood tread 300mm

Moisture proof stainless steel bearings (ABEC 9)

Tinted arcylate

Finishing plates


This treadmill is suitable for medium size dogs, like a Shepherd, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Rottweiler or Golden Retriever.

Custom made

We produce our Dogmills treadmills completely by ourselves in Huissen (nearby Arnhem in The Netherlands). Because we do so there is a possibility to build a mill according to your specific wishes and dimensions. The possibilities are infinite, we naturally do this in consultation with you as our client. Please contact us to discuss your wishes.