Dogmills Treadmill Economy

Size suitable for every dog! (up to 120 kg)
Tread 1600×370 mmAlso suitable for smaller varieties in this treadmill, choose the High-speed option (The best bearings with the least rolling resistance) This makes the treadmill run smoother.

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The cheapest high quality dog ​​treadmill worldwide !!!

Dogmills has specially developed this Dogmills Treadmill Economy to deliver quality for the lowest possible price!

This Dogmills Treadmill  Economy for dogs is maintenance-free and will last a lifetime.

The hardwood running surface of 160x37cm is suitable for many different dog breeds.

This treadmill is equipped with two strength axes and no fewer than 100 abec 9 bearings.

The frame is made of solid aluminum and plastic side panels. Making the entire treadmill strong and solid!

The top frame is removable and is easy to adjust with the supplied key.

The 4 aluminum legs have 4 anti-shock floor elements. This makes the solid frame sturdy.

The Dogmills Treadmill Economy is perfectly suited to keep your dog vital and fit.

The tread can handle up to 120 kg, making this treadmill suitable for any dog. If you want to use the Dogmills Treadmill Economy for large and small dogs, we recommend choosing the High-speed option.

This replaces the standard bearings with Red Bones bearings. This makes the treadmill run smoother and is suitable for the smallest dogs to be able to walk well on the large running surface.


Features Dogmills Treamill Economy:

Suitable for every dog ​​breed, from large to small

Aluminum / plastic frame

Adjustable bracket (front / rear)

Dogmills mounted wheels

Hardwood or Plastic tread with groove

Moisture-proof stainless steel bearings (ABEC 9)

Tinted acrylic

Matt black side panels

Finishing plates

Anti-shock floor profiles

What can you use the Dogmills Treadmill for:

In addition to daily walking and playing, walking on this treadmill is very effective for muscle building / fitness and / or strength increase.

This dog lollipop from Dogmills is like a fitness device for dogs. That is why our Treadmills are used by individuals as well as by professionals such as Police, hunters, animal physiotherapists and veterinarians.

The combination of factors: straight-line movement with a safe straight surface and correct adjustment of our mills ensure a good and safe natural movement for training, rehabilitation or sports.

With the Dogmills Treadmill Economy you offer your dog the best quality dog ​​treadmill at the lowest price!

Buy this Dogmills treadmill Economy easily and safely online here!

Maintenance-free and lasts a lifetime to get your dog effectively and fit in a nice healthy way!

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