Dogmills Slatmill Pro

The Dogmills Slatmill Pro, for every dog ​​size. (note the width of the tread is 300mm wide)

Always use a Harmas on this slatmill for safety!

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The Dogmills Slatmill Pro is the flagship of Dogmills. It is a slatmill with the best materials and parts that Dogmills has to offer.

With this slatmill from Dogmills you can train your dog in the best way or have it rehabilitated. Thanks to the slope that can be adjusted remotely by means of the remote control, you can offer your dog the ultimate workout.

This slatmill is suitable for many dogs but a few trained professional sport dogs can handle the speed and high slope of the Dogmills Slatmill pro. This requires practice and training. We always recommend to use a harness on this slatmill because of the slope and high speeds that can be achieved.

The solid two-piece aluminum frame is strong and maintenance-free. The tread (1800x300mm) is made of thick plastic and does not bend.
This slatmill from Dogmills is equipped as standard with high-speed bearings (The best bearings with the least rolling resistance)

The finely finished Dogmills aluminum rims ensure smooth guidance of the plastic tread.
The frame has a rubber anti-slip profile on the bottom.

There are black finishing tips to choose from in our webshop, just like a speedometer.

The main goal in the development of the Dogmill: the lowest possible cost price, but with the most durable quality materials to allow the customer and dog to benefit from this. Another goal was to develop a treadmill that, with active and long-term use by all dog breeds, has a long service life. The Dogmill is built in such a way that the best quality in its class is guaranteed. At first glance this is immediately recognizable by its robust design. The strong aluminum lightweight frame (stainless) requires no maintenance. It is nicely finished with safe materials, so that your dog cannot hurt himself.

The tread and all other panel parts are made of plastic or acrylic (moisture resistant).
The plastic loop fire parts are attached to the durable canvas tread.
This tread is supported by no less than 100 moisture-resistant abec 9 bearings (the higher the ABEC value, the finer the bearing is finished and sealed). This is a big and important difference compared to other mills.

Conclusion: goal achieved! A price-quality ratio that cannot be compared in detail in quality, but especially not in price!

Dogmills has several models (look here for the specifications).

What dog and owner can benefit from with of course a 12 month guarantee! Worldwide Shipping!!

Features of the Dogmill Pro
Two-part frame with electric cylinders
Height adjustable with remote control

High-speed (The best bearings with the least rolling resistance)
Aluminum frame
Adjustable bracket front / rear
Dogmill mounted aluminum wheels
Plastic with groove
Moisture-proof stainless steel bearings
Tread 1800 × 300 mm
Tinted acrylic
Matt black side panels
Finishing plates
Non-slip floor profiles

This treadmill is ideal for medium-sized dogs; for example a Shepherd, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Rottweiler.

Custom made

We produce our Dogmills dog treadmills entirely in Huissen (near Arnhem).
Because we do this ourselves, there is also the possibility to build a mill to your specific wishes or dimensions.
The possibilities are endless. Of course we always do this in good consultation with you as a client. Contact us to discuss the wishes.