Dogmills Curve (Slatmill)

Dogmills Curve Tread 370x1400mm
For example, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Beagle or Sheperd

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A brand new development on dog slatmills !!

Dogmills has a new technique and a completely new form of training in the field of dog slatmills.

The new Dogmills Curve dog Slatmill is specially designed to let your dog run independently on a dog slatmill.

without getting your dog attached to anything

Due to the round shape of the tread, the slatmill provides optimum resistance for free

The contact is much more direct because of the curve in the tread.

This is a big difference compared to our Treadmills or Slatmills where the dog is attached to the frame.

The Dogmills Curve has been specially developed to provide optimum resistance without losing the ability to reach a full range of motion at any speed.

Dogmills Curve:

Solid plastic + aluminum frame
100 bearings
370x1400mm tread (wood / plastic slats)
6x nylon guided wheels
Non-slip floor elements

Learning to walk and/or run on the Dogmills Curve is not difficult. The same basic principles apply as when learning other treadmills or slatmills.

1. Let it be a pleasant activity for your dog.
2. Train a few times a day briefly instead of once too long.
3. Never leave your dog alone.
4. Teach your dog to stop for example.

The Dogmills Curve has a solid frame made of aluminum and plastic side panels.

At the front and rear, the Dogmills Curve has solid solid axes that both rotate in 4 large bearings.

The 370 mm wide statmill runs very smoothly on no fewer than 100 high-speed bearings.

The tread is made of wood / plastic slats that are nicely finished so that the dog cannot get hurt.
The wooden slats do not bend, plastic does a bit of this.

Inside the frame the slatmill is supported by 6 mounted nylon wheels so that the curvature of this dog slatmill is maintained nicely.

Furthermore, this slatmill for dogs has a rubber anti-slip finish on the underside so that the solid frame is even stronger.

In short, a perfectly high-quality dog ​​slatmill to provide your dog with its daily energy needs, for training and / or sport.