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Dogmills Carpetmill

The quietest treadmill for dogs there is, Only a maximum of 55db!

This treadmill is ideal for medium-sized dogs, for example a Herder, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Rottweiler or Golden Retriever.

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The Dogmills Carpetmill distinguishes itself from all other treadmills for dogs.

The biggest difference is the sound. Only a maximum of 55 decibels!

The Carpetmill from Dogmills can be compared in terms of sound to a treadmill that can be found in every gym.

By using a special PVC treadmill and the aluminum frame, the Dogmills Carpetmill is very easy to clean.

The large tread of 1500×410 mm makes it possible to train or rehabilitate different varieties on the Carpetmill.

The effect is the same as with our treadmills. The dog is attached to the line, the line is attached to the adjustable bracket. Because the dog starts walking, the treadmill starts moving.

The Carpetmill from Dogmills is not powered so that the dog can determine his own pace.

The Carpetmill from Dogmills is the silence mill that is available on the market.

Many of our customers prefer this mill from Dogmills if you want to give your dog a good workout or rehabilitate in silence.

The main goal in the development of the Dogmill: the lowest possible cost price, but with the most durable quality treadmill for dogs to allow the customer and dog to benefit from this. Another goal was to develop a treadmill that has a long lifespan with active and long-term use by all dog breeds.

This dog treadmill is built in such a way that the best quality in its class is guaranteed. At first glance this is immediately recognizable by its robust design.

The strong aluminum lightweight frame (stainless) requires no maintenance. It is nicely finished with safe materials, so that your dog cannot hurt himself.

Conclusion: goal achieved! A price-quality ratio that cannot be compared in detail in quality, but especially not in price!

Dogmills has several models (look here for the specifications).

What dog and owner can benefit from with of course a 12 month guarantee! Worldwide Shipping!

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