Dogmills Carpetmill Contra

  • Aluminum frame
  • Tread 160x38cm
  • Dogmills Contra wheels
  • Adjustable above frame
  • Acrylic side panels

1.799,00 incl. VAT


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The Dogmills Carpetmill Contra distinguishes itself from all other treadmills for dogs.

 The biggest difference is the sound.  In terms of sound, the Carpetmill from Dogmills can be compared to a treadmill that can be found in any gym.

 By using a special treadmill and the aluminum frame, the Dogmills Carpetmill is very easy to clean.

 The Carpetmill Contra from Dogmills has a unique effect because special counterweights have been incorporated.  This addition distinguishes the Dogmills Carpetmill Contra from all other Carpetmills.  The Dogmills Carpetmill Contra runs much smoother than other Carpetmills.

 The large tread makes it possible to train or rehabilitate different breeds on the Carpetmill.

 The effect is the same as with our treadmills.  The dog is attached to the leash, the leash is attached to the adjustable bracket.  When the dog starts walking, the treadmill starts to move.

 The Carpetmill from Dogmills is unpowered so that the dog can set its own pace.

 The Carpetmill Contra from Dogmills is the silent mill that is available on the market.  Many of our customers prefer this mill from Dogmills if you want to give your dog a good workout or if you want to rehabilitate in silence.