The cheapest dog treadmill in the world!

✅ Size suitable for every dog!

✅ High quality for the best price worldwide!

✅ Loads up to 120 kg

✅ Maintenance free

Dogmills has developed a new Economy Treadmill for dogs. It is a dog treadmill with a tread of no less than 160x370cm where large dogs and small dogs can walk.

The aluminum with plastic frame is solid and maintenance-free. the tread is made of hardwood and runs on no fewer than 110 ABEC-9 bearings.

These bearings can also be blurred in the webshop for the Dogmills High-speed option and are therefore replaced by 110 Red Bones bearings to make the treadmill run even smoother. This also allows small dogs to walk on the large tread.

More info about the Dogmills Treadmill Economy click here!

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