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Dogs with a behavioural problem often tend to focus on a single thing, which is whatever causes the problem behaviour. By distracting the brain with something else (e.g. walking/running) the negative behaviour can be changed into positive behaviour. In this way a dog with the biggest problems can still become a normal dog again without the old fashioned rough approach, but in a natural way.

Some dogs show problem behaviour because their needs aren’t being fulfilled. They would for example never be walked and are bursting with energy. To keep the dog and its environment safe a treadmill can be used to drain most of the energy before subsequent walking and working on the problem behaviour in a therapeutic way.

The dog treadmill of Dogmills is designed specifically for dogs, is completely run on own muscle strength and therefore not driven by electricity. This allows the dog to decide when and how fast he or she wants to walk. Moreover, the treadmill was designed to prevent undesired pressure on the joints and to prevent the dog from falling off. In short: an ideal instrument in dog therapy. Happy pets-happyyou is profiting a lot from our mill, we are very grateful that our Dogmill can contribute to the good work that they achieve.

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