A safe method of rehabilitation with a dog treadmill or hydrotherapy?

Dog treadmill best alternative to hydrotherapy, If your dog has problems with the musculoskeletal system such as with orthopedic problems, injuries, neurological problems, old age or overweight, it is very effective to rehabilitate / train in a responsible and safe manner. This is often done through hydrotherapy.

Below you can read more about why the Dogmills dog walking belt is the best alternative to hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy for dogs:


Hydrotherapy is also called Aqua (water) therapy. Hydrotherapy is a form of rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is achieved through a dog treadmill in water. Thanks to the electrically driven dog treadmill, the dog runs flat and evenly in a large water bowl.

This therapy is offered by special practices / companies that have this large water bowl with dog treadmill. With hydrotherapy you let your dog walk under supervision in an Aquatrainer. This is a dog treadmill that runs underwater.

This therapy originated in England, where they let racing dogs swim to strengthen the dog’s muscles so that the risk of injury decreased during the run and the dogs could run faster. If you want to give your dog hydrotherapy you are bound to a company / practice that has this underwater dog treadmill. 

Many of these companies / practices offer this in package or single treatment. The costs for this hydrotherapy for dogs are on average more expensive than 1 euro per minute. 

If you want to have your dog rehabilitated by hydrotherapy you will always have to go to a practice / company to be able to follow the therapy there. This therapy is given in a few places, which may cause a lot of travel time. The aquatrainer consists of a large water tank with an electrically driven treadmill in the tank.

The dog runs on the dog treadmill underwater which ensures a flat surface, while walking in water causes the upward pressure the water ensures that less weight rests on the joints of the animal, making it easier to move in water.

Why a dog treadmill is the best alternative to hydrotherapy:

Dogmills dog treadmills are the best alternative to hydrotherapy because you can get your own therapy at home. You do not have to take your dog to a practice or company to be able to follow the therapy. This probably saves travel time and hassle with a restless dog in a car.

In addition, the biggest disadvantage of hydrotherapy with an aqua trainer (Electric dog treadmill in a large water tank) than the treadmill is powered.

Because the dog treadmill is driven, the dog cannot determine the pace itself. This is the case with the Dogmills dog treadmill!But there are other reasons why the Dogmills dog walking belt is the best alternative to hydrotherapy

The specially developed dog treadmills from Dogmills are designed to allow natural movement. The dog sets his own pace because he drives the treadmill himself, so the dog cannot be overloaded. The flat finely finished tread ensures an even surface so that the dog can walk and / or run safely.

Here are dogs that have a fear of water and are therefore not eligible to follow hydrotherapy. The treatment with a Dogmills treadmill for dogs is therefore a perfect alternative!

Dogs with open wounds, stitches, serious skin problems, and loopy bitches are not suitable for hydrotherapy. The dog treadmills from Dogmills do not have to be in a water bowl and therefore offer the best alternative to treat.

Because you get the treatment yourself with Dogmills’ dog treadmills, you can structurally treat / train yourself If a diagnosis has been made by a specialist, it is advisable to briefly discuss how to treat. Always discuss the duration and frequency when using a dog treadmill, this will affect the symptoms.

Expensive treatments

The costs for hydrotherapy are on average more than 1 euro per minute.

 Practices / companies often offer this in the form of a subscription. In the event of an injury or condition, it is often not clear how long the treatment will last.

You often lose more at the bottom of the line than purchasing your own dog treadmill. You can get the therapy yourself to be able to rehabilitate / train / treat for an unlimited period of time, with a considerable saving of time.


Which dogs benefit from a Dogmills dog treadmill?

The Dogmills dog treadmill can be used for dogs with musculoskeletal problems with neurological problems, but Dogmills’ un-powered dog treadmills also has an effective way of moving for healthy dogs, of which; the condition can be improved, which has to fall off, for relaxation, for getting used to water or for overcoming fear of water.


Orthopedic complaints

Rehabilitating dogs with orthopedic complaints benefit from a dog treadmill, because it is a less painful way of moving. The dogs are often stiff and have difficulty moving. The Dogmills dog treadmill helps to strengthen the muscles around the weaker joints, to relieve pain and to increase flexibility and mobility.

With orthopedic complaints you should think of conditions such as, osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, patella luxation, a ruptured cruciate ligament, and so on. With osteoarthritis, for example, there is wear and tear in the joint and it is important that the dog keeps moving. At home, your dog has its own dog treadmill to move safely and responsibly to minimize pain from osteoarthritis.


Neurological problems

In addition, the dog treadmill is also widely used for stimulating the nerves and stimulating movement in animals with neurological problems. These are conditions such as; a hernia, spondylosis or Cauda Equina Syndrome, nerve loss, paralysis, and so on.


Dog injuries

The dog treadmill can also help with injuries (or to prevent) and with the inexplicably limp walking of the animal and with muscle loss.

Older dogs

Older dogs benefit greatly from a safe and responsible way of moving. As support against stiffness and wear of the muscles and joints.


Overweight dogs often have difficulty moving and because of the weight they put too much strain on their joints. Which in turn leads to wear and osteoarthritis. This makes it even harder to move and lose weight.

The dog treadmill ensures that overweight dogs can move more easily and therefore move and lose weight without load. With osteoarthritis your dog will have a lifelong interest in a safe and responsible way of moving. This is perfect with a dog treadmill from Dogmills!

Sport dogs

For sport dogs, the Dogmills dog treadmill helps improve fitness, suppleness and muscle strength.



In short, there are plenty of reasons to opt for structural and safe treatment at home with a Dogmills dog treadmill. Lower costs in the long term, you cannot overload your dog because the dog drives the dog treadmill itself and sets its own pace, you save a lot of time because you don’t have to go to a practice or company, if the dog is no longer injured, the dog treadmill is from Dogmills a perfect tool to provide your dog with its energy needs!

A good investment to keep your dog easily and responsibly fit and vital you!
therefore, the Dogmills dog walking belt is the best alternative to hydrotherapy

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